Motto : With God We Excel

Brookside Adventist Higher Secondary School

Motto: With God We Excel

Brookside Adventist Higher Secondary School is run by the Seventh-Day Adventists for children of all communities. The school is an English medium school and operates classes from Pre-Nursery to Class Xll as a day school. It is staffed by teachers who are well qualified and dedicated to the best interest of the students.
The annals of history of Brookside Adventist Higher Secondary School, Shillong takes us back to the pioneering work of two zealous Seventh Day Adventist missionaries, Mrs. Marcella Ashlock and Mrs. Sylvia Lange who planted the seed of the school in the year 1938. It started with a handful of students as a church school with a vision to impart true Christian values with the regular education. Over the years of its existence, it has been true to its purpose. The school has been the Nursery in shaping innumerable lives of all who had gone through its portal.


Our Aim

Since this is a Christian Institute,Christian principles have first place in determining its policies and has for its definite purpose the development of an enlightened conscience, a strong character and spiritual ideals. The school also aims at helping the students to get a good academic training and thus enable them to assume their responsibilities in the family and in society. No religious test is required of any student who seeks admission into the school but it is expected that all who made application thereby pledge respect and honour for the Christian principles upon which the school is founded. The school stresses the importance of a fourfold education, the physical, the mental, the spiritual and social education.


Lummawrie, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya - 793003