Motto : With God We Excel

Rules and Regulations

1. Students are not allowed to come to school wearing any jewelry and ornaments. Unconventional hairstyle and applying of makeup will not be tolerated.

2. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, possessing or using tobacco and drugs in any form is strictly prohibited. If a student is found using these items even outside the school in school uniform, he/she would face disciplinary action also a fine will be imposed for violating the rules.

3. No student is allowed to bring mobile phone to school. If a student is found with a mobile it will be taken away immediately and will not be returned. Also, a fine will be imposed for violating the rule. The same rule will apply in case of usage of any electronic gadgets such as fancy watches, toys, digital diaries, cell phones, cameras, CDs, etc.)

4. Stealing and forging of signature are serious faults and anyone found guilty is liable to immediate dismissal.

5. Parents / Guardians are requested to collect their children immediately after classes. The school will ensure the safety of the students but the school will not be responsible if the child leaves on his/her own after school is over.

6. Scribbling on the walls, furniture or floor is prohibited.

7. Any misbehavior of a serious nature in and outside the school premises is liable to bring about suspension or dismissal from the school.

8. No magazines or books other than the school textbook may be brought to the school.